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Supporting Your Student

College is a big transition for students as well as parents. Each year your student will grow and change. The resources and suggestions on this website are here to assist parents and family members with common concerns.

  • Professor and students in the classroom.

    Absence Notification

    Absences can disrupt a student's coursework temporarily. The Dean of Students Office will notify instructors of reported student absences. Please note that students are not required to report absences to the Dean of Students Office unless they would like to utilize one of the University's excused absence polices. Students should refer to their course syllabi for absence information. Not all student absences are excused; many are at the discretion of instructors.

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    Alcohol and Drugs

    Alcohol and drug use can impact students' academic success. Parents and family members should have a conversation with their student about expectations for usage of alcohol and drugs.

  • A student talking with a counselor


    Learn more about all the counseling services available to your student on the Illinois State University campus.

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    Beginning a new life at school creates both excitement and anxiety about the move, managing classes, and making new friends. Some students' adjustments may take a few weeks, and some students may get homesick. Learn about the ways you can help your student deal with living away from home.

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    Student Conduct

    Illinois State University expects its students to act as responsible citizens of our campus and local community. In situations in which the Code of Student Conduct is broken, Student Conduct and Community Responsibilities, a unit of the Dean of Students Office, administers the student disciplinary process.

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    Student Emergencies

    If an emergency situation should arise, there are multiple resources at your student's disposal. Illinois State University recognizes that incidents affecting students will occur and that these incidents can have a significant effect on individual students, their families, and the University community.

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    Health and Wellness

    Learn about medical care, pharmacy, and health insurance for students.