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  • Students in a classroom

    Academics Overview

    Get an overview of the field of study available at Illinois State University.

  • Student talking with an advisor

    Academic Advising

    Your student’s advising experience starts with University College.

  • A bell positioned on campus

    Registration and Withdrawal

    Learn when and how your student registers for classes, and deadlines/process for withdrawal.

  • A student in the classroom studying

    Academic Standing

    Understand what constitutes good academic standing and what to do if a student’s GPA is less than 2.0.

  • Students in an event at Bone Student Center

    Academic Support Seminars and Workshops

    Learn about credit-bearing college success seminars and one-time workshops that help students develops academic skills.

  • A student studying outdoor

    Student Access and Accommodations

    Learn how your student can request accommodations and the differences between K-12 and Post-secondary educational institutions in how accommodations are determined and implemented.

  • Groups of student studying in a classroom

    Final Grade Challenge Process

    A student may challenge a final course grade if the student has a reasonable belief the grade was assigned in an arbitrary or capricious manner and is unable to resolve their concerns with the faculty member who assigned the grade.

  • A woman tutoring a student

    Visor Center and General Tutoring Information

    University College offers various free tutoring services for Illinois State students such as writing assistance, weekly study groups, and finals help at the Julia N. Visor Academic Center.

  • Group of students busy with computers


    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records.

  • An instructor speaking to a student

    Concerns with an Instructor

    Students sometimes have a concern about an instructor’s action or decision. The first step is for the student to speak directly with the instructor. The student should go to office hours or arrange an appointment with the professor to discuss the concern. They may also wish to speak with the department chair/school director or the Dean on Duty